Yoyo Severe X Supernova

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A favorite of YoYoFactory Team players worldwide due to it's extremely wide/angular shape and high level of playability, grab on to a SuperNova and catch the excitement. Originally called "SEVER3" during development by the design wizards at YoYoFactory, the SuperNova shares a similar profile to the YYF SEVERE yoyo but clearly this SuperNova explodes in a new direction from its competition heritage.

*** The 2013 SuperNova - revised shape and weight distribution, packaged in a acrylic plastic box

*** The 2012 Series SuperNova has a slightly tweaked shape and weight and comes packaged with pair of replacement silicone pads, a replacement large SPEC bearing, and a YoYoFactory MultiTool for bearing removal.
*** Special Editions - Original SuperNova yoyo, Made in USA.



    • Weight: 66.9 grams
    • Diameter: 56.3 mm
    • Width: 44.3 mm
    • Gap 4.6 mm
    • Stock Response: CBC Large Bearing, Slim Pad
    • Bearing: Large Spec Bearing .250 x .500 x .187" (C size)
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